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03 June 2022 at 06.30 pm – On this evening, our sommelier Nina Geschka serves exclusive wines exclusively from large/big bottles, to which our Michelin-star chef Hannes Reckziegel will spoil all guests with a pairing 6-course menu. Enjoy the evening full of pleasure and culinary delights and learn exciting details about the subject of wine.


The wines

  • Magnum 2018 Meursault, Domaine des Comtes Lafon, Burgundy, France
  • Magnum 2011 Grüner Veltliner Smaragd Kollmütz, Rudi Pichler Winery, Wachau
  • Double Magnum 2017 Spätburgunder Häusleboden Großes Gewächs, Weingut Dr. Heger, Baden, Germany
  • 5 liter bottle of 2017 Barolo Dagromis, Angelo Gaja, Piedmont, Italy
  • Magnum 2007 Riesling Sonnenuhr Spätlese, Weingut Gemeinrat J. Wegeler, Mosel, Germany

The Menu


Baeri caviar l Wasabi l White asparagus


Sea urchin- beurre blanc l Macadamia l Kohlrabi


Morels l Leeks l Comté


Aubergine l Miso l Pointed peppers


Rosemary l Tardivo l Currant


Sour cream
Maiwipferl l Honey l Young ginger


EUR 295.00 per person – Including beverage accompaniment.
A table reservation is required to participate.


by Hannes Reckziegel

Green Asparagus

Finger limes | Avocado | Rhubarb
EUR 28

Celery in salt dough

Lettuce | Thai pepper | Ponzu
EUR 28

White Asparagus

Pear | Buddhas Hand | Pistachio
EUR 34


Kimchi | Carrots | Pecan
EUR 32

Cabbage turnip

Jalapeno | Sake | Miso
EUR 36

Mimolette Cheese

Butternut pumpkin | Blood orange | Cashew
EUR 20

Virunga 70%

Earl Grey | Coriander | Green apple
EUR 24

3 courses – EUR 85
(Green asparagus, Cabbage turnip, Virunga)

5 courses – EUR 105
(Green asparagus, Celery in salt dough, Aubergine, Cabbage turnip, Virunga)

7 courses – EUR 125

All prices in Euro, inkl. service and VAT